martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

Hello this is my new blog!

Hi everyone! Well my name is Demi and this is my new blog.I made this blog named Be yourself...Don't be afraid of who u are and f*uck the rest, because well in my life and my friends life people talk of us like we where aliens or something.And I know that in this world theres more people that feel the same way as me and my friends.I learned that u can't be afraid of who u are. And if u think like I do well u can beat anything.And if u dont well thats why I made this blog so u can tell me your problems. I know what u are thinking- WTF Im not going to tell my problems to this bitch- Well the good thing is that u don't need to tell me your name or anything personal just the problem and I'll give you the solution! So yeah thats all I need to say. Well duces!

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